The Islamic Center

Islamic Center - Washington, DC


     The Islamic Center is the largest and most widely know Mosque in Washington D.C.  It is located in near proximity to many Muslim embassies whose ambassadors and diplomats frequent the Mosque often. 
     Several years ago, elections were held at the Islamic Center for its various leadership positions and a new leadership entered by popular Muslim vote.  Under the new board of directors, the Center flourished as a Masjid as well as a hub for community cultural, educational, and social activities.  After two years of success however, the Saudi Embassy in collusion with several different types of law enforcement agencies arranged for an entire Eid congregation to be forcibly removed and arrested.  A new board of directors entered the Islamic Center and its old leadership was forbidden from ever entering the Mosque.  The removed leadership however did not simply retire.  They continued to hold Jumu'ah services, even though they were forced to do so outside of the Center's premises.
     Today, many sincere Muslims from that original group, as well as other Muslims who sympathize with their plight, still hold Jumu'ah services and pray behind their original Imam.  Since they are still forbidden from entering the Masjid, they are forced to pray outside on the street; whether rain, sleet, snow, or shine. 
     This website is dedicated to creating awareness and reconciling the parties, and find a solution based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

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