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Asabiyya; al Muhajireen and al Ansar
Posted by Administrator on June 1, 2013 at 2:40 AM

Friday Prayer with Imam Asi 5-31-2013

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Reply Pari-Sima
2:52 PM on June 14, 2013 
Salaam, just a few of comments
1) Al-Asi says it's asabiyya to call yourself Shia or Sunni -- but that doesn't seem right. Shia and Sunni aren't clans or cultural distinctions -- each is a religious distinction based on understanding of historical facts resulting in some distinct religious dogma.
2) In speaking about the three trends that resulted after the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Al-Asi says, the first trend is the Shia 'who considered Imam Ali to be the most qualified to lead the Muslims after the prophet passed away..." My humble understanding of the Shia position isn't that it was merely an opinion that "Ali was most qualified", but that there are historical events wherein Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) named Ali as his successor ... I am not sure why these historical events are in contention (e.g. Ghadeer Khum, Imam Ali's Sermon 7/3 of Nahjul Balagha) but I guess you either believe they occurred or you don't believe they occurred.
3) Al-Asi argues that the three positions, the Shia, the Al-Ansari and the pro-Abu Bakr positions all came to the table with sincerity and no malice. This can only be true if we deny that Umar and others acknowledged Ali's right to succession at Ghadir Khum (google Musnad Ahmad 4/281, No. 18502 )

I have been listening to Al-Asi for YEARS. I trust his intentions and I trust his sincerity. His historical knowledge is very impressive and I believe he is ultimately about finding and speaking the truth. As such, I find it a bit jarring when his speeches contradict my learned history. What am I missing? Do Sunni's acknowledge the authenticity of Nahjul Balagha? Do they read both sides of the story or just their own?