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Khutbah 12-3-2010
Posted by Imam Asi on December 3, 2010 at 5:37 PM

Imam Asi's Friday Prayer on 12-3-2010

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Reply sayfuddeen
8:16 PM on December 10, 2010 
Imam Al-Asi, I've listened to all of your Khutbah's and I know you have courage. You've covered subjects that I don't hear in the Masjids and you are in the street! I know that you are familar with the current string of "sting operations" being conducted by the FBI. I watch the media like a hawk. I know that they are our enemy. I have realized that these "stings have a pattern. The FBI says to the media that they stopped a plot to bomb something. The media puts it out there with all terrorist experts, the accused is indicted,put in jail, and at some future time we hear that the person is found guilty and given life! The senarios are problematic for several reasons:1.we never hear the accused side because of the media:2. How the evidence was collected is eliminated(we only hear the FBI's verification of the evidence).3. We are never privy to what was said and done with the accused and we are basically left out of the trial process. These senarios are becomming all to convienent for The Feds. Accuse, indict,trial,jail! I believe if the Mulim leadership does not insist on more accountability In these cases,many more Muslims will be imprisoned. I have been banned from CBS,CNN,NBC,ABC, and Yahoo won't post my comments. Brother Al-Asi you would be appalled at the comments that are posted on these sites,yet decent comments defending Islam are not posted!People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty! These men are guilty before they have a trial and the Muslim community hangs them out to dry! At the end of the day,if there was wrong doneon the part of the accused,then it is equally importantthat he receive the correct sentence under the guidelines. None of these procedures are being examined by the Muslims. Our silence is giving them the greenlight to continue to inprison us on their word and the media.
Reply zainabkareem
7:29 PM on December 3, 2010 
An Awesome Khutbah delivered by our Imam Muhammad al-Asi. May Allah(SWT) continue to bless and guide our Imam Muhammad al-Asi's steps as he walks on the Suratul Mustakeem seeking to Please Allah Alone, Ameen.