Islamic Center Photos Islamic Center Photos Jumu'ah Prayer on Massachusetts Ave. Imam al-Asi gives a Khutbah on friday from the sidewalk. 271845 The storming of the Center After closing down the Center for some time it was finally reopened on Eid al-Fitr. On that day dozens of police stormed the Center and began arresting the Muslims. 271846 Muslims arrested on Eid On Eid al-Fitr, law enforcement stormed the Masjid and arrested dozens of Muslims. Several of them were later convicted of nothing more than "unlawfully entering the Mosque" and from then on were not permitted to enter. 271847 The Gate This locked gate was added to the Center after the elected leadership of the Islamic Center was removed. 271827 Across the street The police began preventing the Muslims from praying in front of the Center so they were forced to pray across the street in an alley. 271848 Khutbah across the street Imam al-Asi delivers the Khutbah with the Islamic Center in the background. 271828 Muslims on the sidewalk After praying in the alley across the street, the congregation was then moved to the sidewalk beside the Center. 271849 Sidewalk Khutbas Here, Muslims listen to the Khutbah in the presence of law enforcement. 271850 271851 271829 271852 271830 271853 271854 271855 271832 Rabbi Weiss and Imam Asi 271857 271834