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What qualifies Imam Al Asi to be a Islamic scholar ? Besides him having a masters in Arabic how does he qualify to be an Islamic scholar ? How many years did it take him to qualify as a scholar ? How many scholars did he train under ? Can you list the major scholars who gave him ijzaa ?

Whenever I propagate Imam Al Asi's lectures I keep getting these questions asked. 

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Towson MSA
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I wonder why these questions are asked. I wonder why we can not weigh a person by their knowledge and the strength of their arguments as opposed to who or what institutions they may or may not be affiliated with. Does the person asking this question have an alternate motive?

But what does it mean to be Qualified?

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The problem is Imam Al Asi (db) deals with topics that are not covered in most of our mosques. If we take his transcripts and show it to scholars they just accuse him of being a shia. The other problem is most of the books he uses are not translated into English. So  when we need to check up on the material or read further we are unable to do so. If we live close to him then we can ask him. However, from aboard we don't have much options available.

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