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Timothy Kaminski
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      The recent bombing of civilians in Gaza demonstrates that Israel is able to commit murder at will without accountability. Although this aggression isn't unheard of, it must not go unanswered. The Ummah must denounce this attack with a unified voice. Let's resurrect the slogan "never again", and repeat it so much that Israelis object to our using it.

     When we say "never again", we mean the occupation of Palestine by Zionism or any other stooge of u.s. imperialism. We can no longer let the people of Gaza live in the horrendous conditions which they've been forced to live in for so long. As long as the occupation continues, so will the genocide. There are a lot of non-Muslims out there who work relentlessly for the liberation of Palestine. I admire them and they are sincere in doing for the people of Palestine. But we, the Muslims must take the lead in the u.s. and other parts of the world in being the main supporters of liberation.

     Hamas and Islamic Jihad are giving their all. The unceasing yet limited help from Hizbollah and Iran are admirable, but humanitarian and defense supplies are so difficult to deliver to our sisters and brothers. We applaud and pray that Allah (swt). reward the good people of the Free Gaza Movement for having the courage to attempt the breaking of Israel's criminal and anti-human blockade of Gaza.

     The people of Palestine cannot wait for righteous muslims to overthrow the House of Saud before their liberation. Although that would expedite the liberation, are we to let this continue until that happens. How can we sleep while this happens?

      It could also be asked, how can we sleep when the worst humanitarian disaster is taking place in Somalia. Here in St. Louis, MO, the FBI has been harassing the Somali community and warning them about sending money home, (because it may go to Muslims with Taqwa who stabilized Somalia before the u.s. ordered Ethiopia to invade Somalia.

     Long live Hamas and the Palestinian resistance.

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