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Timothy Kaminski
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It won't be long before u.s. troops begin to leave Iraq. The shoe-throwing at Bush pretty much sums up the feeling of most Iraqis about the unwelcome u.s. presence there. The length of time u.s. personnel will continue to occupy will depend upon the people of Iraq and their leaders, not on bogus agreements made while under occupation. I think they will be driven out before 2011, similar to the u.s. flight from Saigon in 1975.

Calls for 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan (and Pakistan, really), could bring us closer to the total defeat of u.s. imperialism. Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires. It was Afghanistan which first caught the zeal of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and inspired the Mujahadeen to resist Soviet imperialism. Now, they are occupied by the charlatans and hypocrites who once financed and aided their struggle for ulterior motives.

This is the most savage war we've ever seen. Not just Afghanistan-Pakistan, but this whole phoney war on terror is a front for a war to destroy Islam. From Sianking (Uigherstan), to Chechnya, Palestine and Somalia--just to mention a few, western imperialism has targetted Islam. Together with the threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Muslims should be spiritually prepared, politically astute and active in Dawa.

Our strength is our faith and practice of Islam constantly nurtured with knowledge of the deen and the role of the Ummah in this dunya.

A final thought: The u.s.(and global society in general), showed their #1 priority with the $700 billion bankers' bonanza: Parasitic capital must be treated as royalty. Productive capital is not a priority. Is it any wonder that we reward entertainers, athletes, CEO's, etc. with huge amounts of money, while our teachers, health care workers, and so many other productive people are overworked and underpaid?

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