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Timothy Kaminski
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 The proposed bailout for the u.s. auto industry needs to be thought out. Lack of vision, poor planning, greed and irresponsible management are what brought about this crisis. Following the massive failure and bailing out of the parasitic financial institutions at the expense of taxpayers, automakers hope to get a boost to live another day. But anger at billionaires who fly seperately from Detroit to Washington D.C. was the result of Congressmen asking tough questions of auto executives which they failed to do with the financial parasites. No elected officials pointed out the lavish lifesyles and spending habits of those who extorted $700 billion from the American people. That being said, the auto bailout gives us an opportunity to demand conditions.


The people should demand public ownership of the automobile corporations. The electric car is a reality which, Insha'Allah, can be an integral part of saving the planet. Just as the automobile corporations bought mass trans[portation enterprises in u.s. cities after world war 2, in order to sabotage efforts to provide transportation for city residents so they would have to buy cars; so also have they sabotaged efforts to mass produce electric powered vehicles. The video, "Who Killed The Electric Car?", documents G.M.'s experiment with electric cars and how they pulled the plug on a vehicle which could save the u.s. auto industry. Greed, however, stopped at what would have benefitted consumers and society.


The UAW, has followed the auto executives like a lap dog. Costs for employee's health insurance are especially a burden to these magnates looking for a handout. Instead of demanding that the corporations join the unions in demanding single-payer universal health care for everyone in the u.s. (like the rest of the developed world), Ron Gettlefinger and other UAW executive board members lobby for the bosses without demanding conditions! No wonder that auto executives assumed that Congress wouldn't question their lavish travel expenses. They were spoiled by a poor excuse of a union which abandoned class struggle years ago.


If the auto corporations want a bailout, all Americans should demand:

1.) Nationalization of the auto industry. These companies ALWAYS get tax exemptions from local communities. Now that they're going to the Federal government, all Americans should have ownership of this sector.

2.) Congress needs to pass House Resolution #676, (the Conyers bill), to institute single-payer universal health insurance for all Americans. The burden of health care would no longer burden employers. If we can pay for wars of genocide against Muslims, we can pay for REAL NATIONAL SECURITY-THE HEALTH OF THE COUNTRY.

3.) The corporations forced workers to adopt "team concept". This is where workers run the plants without management. Originally, they looked at this as a way of cutting out jobs of foremen and supervisors. Now that autoworkers have been trained for this, they can actually run the plants themselves.

4.) Upper management needs to be replaced by dedicated people committed to building affordable, non-polluting, quality vehicles for consumers. In conjunction with State and local municipalities, auto manufacturer's can then begin producing trains, buses and other mass transport vehicles.

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